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Boiler Services Medway
Fixed price repairs from £45
Boiler Servicing from £49

Boiler Services Maidstone
Fixed price repairs from £45
Boiler Servicing from £49

Landlord Certs CP12 Medway
Landlords Gas Checks from £49

Landlord Gas Certs Maidstone
Boiler service from £49

Replacement Appliances
Hobs & cookers fitted from £45

Plumbing Repairs Medway
Fixed price repairs from £40

Plumbing Repairs Maidstone
Fixed price repairs from £40

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Plumbers in Medway
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Plumbers in Medway. General Plumbing Services Medway.

Gas Safe Plumbers Medway


Heldan Heating are GasSafe Registered Plumbers in Medway based in the Medway Towns and take pride in offering a first class service for all your Plumbing repairs, Boiler Repairs, Central Heating, Plumbing & Gas needs. No plumbers job is too small and our prices are extremely competitive.

We aim to have plumbing repairs done that same day so you can carry on with your usual routine as soon as possible. We also repair Central Heating plumbing problems, radiators not working valves leaking etc.

We are fully qualified, insured and Gas Safe Registered Plumbers in Medway.

See below for examples of the types of Plumbers Services Medway we provide.

  • General Plumbing in Medway, General Plumber Services in Medway, Central Heating Plumbers Medway
  • Plumbing Leak repairs and clearance of blockages
  • Repair, installation or replacement of taps
  • Replacement or repair plumbing for showers, basins, sinks, WCs etc
  • Hot water cylinder plumbing repairs
  • Cold water storage tank plumbing repairs
  • Radiator/towel rail maintenance, installation or replacement
  • Maintenance & repair of domestic plumbing pipe work
  • Plumbing for Appliance installations including washing machines, dishwashers etc
  • Boiler Leak Repairs, Servicing, Replacements
  • Central Heating plumbers Repairs
  • Gas Work
  • Replacement Gas Hobs & Cookers
  • Gas Safety Checks for homeowners/landlords
  • Replacement & Repair ball valves
  • Repair or replace leaky taps, Repairing leaky plumbing pipe joints
  • Replacing or repairing corroded stop cocks

Areas Covered

Plumbers in Medway


Our Plumbers in Medway offer Boiler repairs/servicing, central heating Plumbers Medway, Landlords CP12 Gas Safety checks, gas engineers and general plumbing services to the domestic market and we cover the following areas:

Medway, Maidstone, Chatham, Lordswood, Walderslade, Rochester, Gillingham, Rainham, Strood, St Marys Island, Snodland, Hoo

If you are outside these areas please still give us a call as we may still be able to help you, even if its just some advice over the phone.

For Free and Friendly Professional Advice

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Helpfull Plumbing advice & tips

Before you call our Plumbers in Medway have a look at the following advice to help you avoid calling a plumber out or to help minimise damage to your property you before the plumber gets to you.

Know where your plumbing stop tap is.

This could be the most important advice you will receive regarding plumbing advice - Know how to stop mains water supply!
Your mains cold water plumbing stop tap is usually found under the kitchen sink or where the mains supply enters your property. If you can't find it or it doesn't work and are on a water meter then this is where you need to go to. If you need immediate help ask a neighbour as they will have a similar setup to you.

Normally found outside your property under a round or square plastic cover, lift or open with a knife/screwdriver, remove the foam insulation and the tap is underneath. Turn it clockwise until it stops moving, usually a quarter turn but some need to be turned more. Dont use excessive force as you may break it, the tap should move smoothly and is closed when you feel the plumbing stop tap not able to move anymore. If you have a plumbing leak this is the first thing to do!

What to do if you have a plumbing leak

The main aim is to stop damage to your property, so if you have a small leak which can be temporarily "fixed" by putting a bowl/towels under it until our plumbers in Medway can get to you then this is the best thing to do as you dont really want to empty your plumbing system of most of its water unless you have to.

Parts of this will depend upon which plumbing system you have. If you have a combi boiler or your hot water tank is the newer unvented type (no foam insulation around it) then by turning off your mains cold water plumbing stop tap and opening ALL taps in the property will empty most of your plumbing pipework of any water and reduce the pressure in the plumbing system so the leak wont leak as much if at all.

If you think your leak is from your central heating plumbing system, radiators etc and you have a combi then you will need to either open a drain valve and use a hose to empty the system outside or bleed a radiator and catch the water in a bucket if you dont know what a drain valve is, this method will take considerably longer but will eventually reduce the pressure in the system and reduce the extent of the leak.

If you have a regular boiler and have a hot water cylinder with foam insulation or water tanks in your loft then the process is longer. Your central heating plumbing and some of your taps and toilets are probably fed via the plumbing tanks in your loft, so only turning off your plumbing stop tap will not remove the water in these plumbing header tanks. You will have to plug the outlet holes in the tanks, use any taps on the pipes coming from the tanks or you will have to keep the taps open longer to drain the water from them. The same applies to your central heating plumbing.

Dont forget you still have to close your mains water plumbing stop tap or water meter plumbing stop tap first.

How to prevent plumbing leaks

Simple but crucial:
Check your plumbing pipework for leaks everywhere that you can see it.
Pull your washing machine out and check any hoses for wear and tear.
Don't leave a slight plumbing leak thinking it will get better, it will only get worse.
Make sure any exposed plumbing pipework/outside taps are insulated so they dont freeze in winter, or isolate the water to it and leave the tap open.
Insulate any exposed pluming pipework in lofts.
Regularly turn on and off all plumbing stop taps in your property so they dont cease up when you come to need them.

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